Local Credits ($$), what are they?

Local Credits ($$) are a conventional means of doubling the value of any medium of exchange, be it a dollar, euro, yen, pound, ruble, yuan or any other official currency. Local Credits accompany and double the value of any official currency in circulation. They are both paper and electronic, so they can be shipped and exchanged anywhere.

Local credits only double the value of your money if you need to buy goods with Extra Value or local excellence.

Extra Value: it is that extra value created by companies that have created EXTRA value for you in their offer, enriching or enhancing a specific product or service, with features, partnerships, additional elements that increase the value offered for you. This Extra Value can be purchased without spending your additional dollars or additional euros, rupees, rubles, yen, but by using Local Credits, a new conventional “exchange currency”, which always accompanies the official currency (in fact it cannot circulate alone, but only by accompanying euros, dollars, rubles, yuan, yen etc …) and allows you to pay that extra value produced only by the best companies.

Local Excellences: are those products and services that objectively represent the TOP on the local market, but also on the international market, because they are designed for an audience that is not satisfied and who only wants the best of the best when buying in a certain category of products and services . So we are not just talking about food products classified as DOP, DOC, IGP, IGT, etc., (these acronyms means in Italy: Protected Designation of Origin, mostly used for local excellence produce of a specific region as well as for traditional processed products), while DOC stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Controlled Designation of Origin, which is used mostly for wines). but also of all those PREMIUM products and services that represent local excellences, for which the supplier company has worked hard to give you the best of the best possible, both in terms of quality, both in terms of functionality and richness of the offer, or in terms of the package of products and services provided as a whole.

Where can I find products with Extra Value and Local Excellence?

In Italy: www.PagineLocali.it

International: we are updating the list of international sites that offer Local Excellence and Extra Value products and services, payable at half the value, with Local Credits. These are products and services of excellence and EXTRA value that can be purchased with official currency (Dollars, Euros, Yen, Rubles, Yuan etc.) accompanied by Local Credits. With Local Credits you always buy half of the total purchase value of a product o service of excellence, with the official currency (Euro, Dollars, Rubles, Yen, Yuan etc …) you buy the other half of the value of the product or service to be purchased.